MSD08: Multiple Solenoid Valves Driver

Elactis offers an innovative solution to drive multiple solenoid valves. This product is intended to drive systems that contain groups of solenoid valves, independently on their numbers. It is useful to drive valve islands, usually by groups of 8 valves at the same time. Typical applications are in the textile industry or in automation.

Electronic chips used to drive valve islands do not provide PWM power reduction. Our product is adapted to valve islands of 8 solenoids, and is fully compatible (size, pinning, electronic interface) with the other existing chips. Our solution consists of one chip that offers not only a simple command through a serial communication (SPI), but also PWM power reduction for every valve.

Just put our chip in your existing circuit, and you will benefit of its full functionality. If you don't have yet a power reduction in your machine, you will benefit from it with our chip. If you already have a PWM in your system, our chip will reduce the cost of your circuit. As a single component it will replace the older driver chip and all additional components for the PWM.

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