ADRV0003: Solenoid driver to manage your energy consumption regardless of power supply and temperature variations

Our solenoid driver ADRV0003 is designed to reduce power consumption. It is a unique solution that can be used with a wide range of solenoid products. Its intelligent regulated power output makes it very efficient. Furthermore, it will hold the solenoid in its position regardless of power supply or temperature variations.

It comes in different executions including all the standard EN175301-803 (DIN43650) connectors with a wide range of parameters to suit all applications. Its miniature versions can be integrated inside of the smallest existing solenoid valves.

With the ADRV0003 product, you can minimize the power consumption. This is extremely useful for extending battery duration, limiting heating or designing compact miniaturized systems. The cost of the product can be easily paid back by savings on the smaller power supply, the reduced coil size, lesser need for spare parts or the use of more robust, less sophisticated solenoid actuator.

Our solenoid driver ADRV0003 offers multiple advantages. The major ones are the followings:

  • Stable and regulated power supply to the solenoid.
  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 90% using PWM
  • Preserves the solenoid opened state independently of external parameters like temperature or in systems that see large variations of voltage (i.e. with batteries or in transportation applications)
  • Replaces up to 75% of the copper used in the coil manufacturing by an electronic solution. It allows to :
    • Reduce the size and the weight of the coil by saving up to 75% of the coil turns
    • Save money on the copper purchase
  • Preserves the solenoid lifetime by preventing overheating, which is a major cause for early failure. Limits the mechanical stress on the plunger by controlling its movement.
  • Integrates additional features such as :
    • Protection of the customer electronics from the coil discharge thanks to its diode
    • Threshold for turn on and turn off. It is very useful for applications having long cables that may produce some residual voltages or with unstable voltage supplies
    • Protection of the end-user installation since it detects short cuts and the presence of the valve
You can also consult the description of the ADRV0002 product which offers further advantages than ADRV0003.

Please, have a look at the datasheet in order to get more technical details about the product.

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