Solenoid valves are found in original equipment manufacturers instruments which serve the medical industry. They are used for dispensing precise, consistent amounts of stent coatings, saline solutions, silicone oils and many other fluids used in medical and pharmaceutical production processes.

Challenge: Power dissipation.

Our solution ADRV0001: The heating is eliminated as the power is reduced. It is possible to increase the number of valves in a relatively small volume.

Challenge:Switching Accuracy.

Our solution MSD08: It drives large number of valves with additional functions like heat reduction and diagnostics (programmable by the client).

Challenge:Noise reduction.

Our solution ADRV0002: It reduces the noise caused by switching up to 10dB.

Example: Valve manifolds in Blood Analyzer

Problem definition
Our client manufactures blood analyzer systems containing up to twelve valves. Further increase in the number of the valves was limited by the dissipation inside the instrument caused by the solenoids and the limitation in the power supply

Proposed solution
The Elactis driver reduced the power by 75%. Another twelve valves could be added without increasing the size of the housing or the power supply. Thanks to our driver, the client is now able to put 24 solenoid valves instead of 12 valves in the same case.

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