This sector includes any industrial application that uses air or hydraulic (i.e. oil, water) fluids to perform work. Ex. machine tool equipment, mobile equipments, industrial compressors, welding and flame cutting machinery.

Battery-based Applications

For mobile or handy equipments, batteries are used to supply power to the solenoid valve. This is particularly true for applications like fuel cells, portable pressure regulators, liquid or gas metering and portable device shutters.

Challenge: Long lifetime of batteries.

Our solution ADRV0002: This electronic driver adapts the valve to the battery supply voltage and minimizes the power loss.

Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic applications often use solenoid valves which are highly power consuming. A valve can consume up to 100W in applications like boat engines.

Challenge: Lower the power consumption while keeping the same performances.

Our solution ADRV0003: It is sufficient to replace the standard connector by Elactis’s one which contains the ADRV0003 to achieve up to 90% power reduction of the valve.

Gas injection

Such systems can be found in applications related to marine or domestic buildings.

Challenge: Heating effect and valve lifecycle.

Our solution ADRV0002: It reduces the wear of the valve and reduces the coil temperature.

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