Transportation and Railway

Solenoids and Solenoid valves are found in many of the subsystems used to assist in control of a variety of vehicles. Solenoids are used on off-highway construction equipment, buses and trains as components in their brake control systems, shifting, sleet brushes, track head conditioning equipment and door opening/closing systems, sanding control systems, de-couplers etc.


  • Fluctuating supply voltage
  • Wide range of ambient temperature
High performance miniature valves for battery-based devices.

Our solution ADRV0002: it makes the switching independent on the external parameters.

Circuit Breakers in power converters

Typical applications are found in trains and power stations.

Challenge: Reliability of the breaker.

Our solution ADRV1003: Consistent switching for push and pull functions.

Example: Door locking in elevators

Problem definition
A small solenoid that needs high pull in force has to operate in a confined space. The coil heats above 120°C. The customer is using a temperature switch to turn-off the solenoid when it over-heats. This solution is not comfortable and is expensive.
Proposed solution
For this customer, we developed a miniature electronic circuit that regulates the power for the solenoid. The temperature is reduced to 60°C with sufficient holding force to maintain the door in its position.

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