It includes life science, medical and dental equipment such as analyzers and sterilizers. Miniature manifolds are often used in instrumentation. Solenoids enclosed in the housing of the instrument can adversely affect the rest of the instrument. In addition, some applications like chromatography need precise synchronization between valves and pumps.

Handy Medical devices

Many devices are handy and use batteries for power supply like oxygen conservers.

Challenge: High performance miniature valves for battery-based devices.

Our solution ADRV0002: This electronic driver adapts the valve to the battery supply voltage and minimizes the power loss.

Respiratory machines

Challenge: Flow and pressure regulation.

Custom solution: adapted to the technical specifications of the client.

Example: Oxygen Conserver

Problem definition
A battery-based oxygen conserver needs ~100ms per pulse in average when it is open. Our client used a mono-stable valve with a standard electronic power saving solution. This standard electronic solution wasn’t satisfying enough. More than 50% of the energy was lost in the electronics and the battery. Our client wanted to reduce further the power consumption in order to improve the patient comfort.
The challenges was how to run high performance miniature solenoid valves on 1.5V batteries.
Proposed solution
Our driver decreased the valve power consumption and enhanced the battery lifetime by a factor 10. This incredibly low energy consumption means 1 year autonomy instead of 1 month for an oxygen conserver operating on 2AA batteries.The table below gives the test results in terms of power consumption and battery lifetime. It compares our solution to the standard power saving (i.e. PWM) solution.
Standard mono-stable Valve Valve with standard power saving Solution Valve with Elactis Driver
Power (mJ per pulse) 150 22 14
Battery Lifetime (cycles) 150’000 1 mio 1.5 mio
Replacement frequency 1 month 8 months 12 months
Test Results

The Driver operated a 10mm high flow valve at 1.4 bar with 100ms pulses at 5Hz.

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