Such applications use solenoid valves that actuate with air. Examples of applications are:

  • Textile industry: weaving machines
  • Sorting machines (rice, small objects)
  • P.E.T bottling
  • Packaging industry
  • Maximum performance and productivity
  • Reduction of the air consumption of machines for cost savings reasons

Our solution ADRV0002:

  • Significantly speed up the opening and closing of a solenoid valve making the machine faster.
  • Totally controls the power needs of the valve with enhanced features such as wear reduction.
  • More precise dosing of the air-jet allowing air savings.

Example: weaving machines

Problem definition
In Textile industry, weaving machines requires high flow, fast valves with long life expectancy. When big flow is required, even minute improvements in the air dosing can make substantial cost savings.
Proposed solution
For our client, we adapted our driver ADRV0002A to its valve which has 800l/min flow. Thanks to this driver, the response time of its solenoid valve was improved by 4msec. The savings on a typical injection time of 60ms was ~7%. Our client can reduce the air consumption by more than 12’000 m3 a year per valve.

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