"Elactis is born to serve solenoid and electrovalve manufacturers who believe that innovation is the key to future success"

ELACTIS SA is a Swiss company having partners Worldwide. As an electronic specialist, Elactis is your priviliged partner for fluid control applications. As a specialist in electronic solutions, we provide tailored designs and off-the-shelf solutions to electronically drive:

  • Solenoids
  • Solenoid valves
  • Actuators

Elactis offers high-tech, innovative and cost-effective products. Our engineers have strong expertise and background in the fluid control field and electronic design. They can develop any customized solution that meet customers requirements.

Elactis Drivers are ready to be integrated in the valve itself or incorporated in standard DIN connectors (e.g. 32mm). Our electronic drivers are sufficiently miniaturized to fit into even very small valves (e.g. 4.2mm).

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With its innovative solutions and valuable services, Elactis helps

  • Solenoid and valve manufacturers to add value to their products
  • Solenoid and valve integrators to increase the productivity and save costs of end-user machines

" When it comes to solving solenoid valves problems, you won't find
better resources than Elactis products, know-how and engineering."

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